Keep your Pooches safe this Christmas!

Keep your Pooches safe this Christmas!

For many, Christmas is a time for sharing festive foods and treats with friends and family. Although your dog may be high-up there on your list of loved ones, sharing certain foods with them can make your dog very poorly and could even be fatal.

In December, dogs are 75% more likely to be treated by a vet for eating human food that is poisonous to them, compared to any other month of the year, so it's important to know what foods to keep away from your dog.

So what should you not give your dogs?

Here is a list of vegan foods that should be avoided:

- Stuffing, like sage and onion (avoid foods from the Alium family)

- Mince pies, Christmas Pudding and Christmas Cakes

- Raisins and Grapes

- Nutmeg

- Macademia Nuts

- Chocolate

- Fatty and salty foods

- Sweets

- Alcohol

- Mouldy foods (vegan blue cheeses)

If your dog does consume something they shouldn't, or you notice them being sick, having diarrhoea or abdominal pain, appearing sleepy, dull, weak, off their food, have rapid breathing and you can't be sure whether they have eaten anything poisonous be sure to give the vets a call. 

Our dogs are big fans of a roast dinner, in a doggy safe way. Heather Coster has a brilliant recipe for a doggy roast dinner with roast veg and beans that ours absolutely love. On Christmas Day, ours will likely have steamed veggies, beany bangers, roast potatoes and sweet potatoes and gluten free Yorkshire pudding! Which reminds me, I need to make some Yorkshire puddings today for the freezer for us all to enjoy Christmas Day!

We will have to have eyes like hawks this Christmas period, only yesterday Nigel helped himself to some sausages that were about to go in the oven!

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