About Us

🐾 We believe in giving our furry companions a top notch, natural, high quality vegan diet to keep them healthy and happy. To supplement this, we wanted to find dog treats that align with our values and beliefs and are extra tasty. Our four legged friends (part of the team) have taste tested and approved every dog treat we sell.
The Leafy Pup Company Team Consists of:
🐾 Jeff: Office Drama Queen, Boss and HR
🐾 Frank: Finance
🐾 Alan: Customer Service
🐾 Big Nige: Snack catcher
🐾 Steve: Portion Control
🐾 Paul: Walkies Manager, Reluctant Web Designer
🐾 Mazzy: Pup Chef and Canine Nutritionist
All our treats are natural, plant Based 🌱 sustainable and kind to the planet. Most are gluten, soya and grain free making them perfect for dogs with allergies. 
🌎 We aim to be as sustainable as possible, hence our packaging decisions. Packaging is either re-usable, has been re-used, or is compostable including our cellophane bags and stickers.
* Please note if you opt for delivery your parcel may arrive in reused packaging. *