Why 'Chews' Coffee Wood for your dogs?

Why 'Chews' Coffee Wood for your dogs?

With our own dogs, over the years, we have tried many products to keep their 🦷 off the furniture and onto something that was safe, good for their 🦷 and lasted, plus didn’t stink 😷.  

When setting up The Leafy Pup Company one of the key products we wanted to offer was something your pooches could chew and gnaw on to their hearts content and that had the most benefits we could find. The product had to support our views on sustainability, be long lasting and most importantly vegan.

We looked at, and tried a multitude of different offerings including rope toys, anko roots and olive wood chews, before finding coffee wood chews.  Our dogs love them, we love them, our staircase loves them and we are now able to share the love with our customers! 

Here are some little known facts about coffee wood dog chews!

1. They are free from any chemicals or dyes 👍

2. They are made in such a way as to create zero waste 👍

3. They aid in removing unwanted plaque and tartar 👍

4. They have a subtle natural flavour & aroma that appeals to dogs 👍

5. There is a minimal allergy, or weight related risk to dogs 👍

6. They help to soothe and calm dogs, as they are natural chewers 👍

7. The coffee trees used for these chews tend to have a denser grain structure making the chews more durable and long lasting 👍

8. They are caffeine free, although disappointingly to us humans they don't smell of coffee (it was the first thing we did). We LOVE coffee!

9. Rather than disposing of aged coffee trees that are no longer productive for coffee beans, they are harvested to be repurposed into coffee wood dog chews.

Don’t just take our word for how fab these are, give them a try!

One of our customers, the Human parent of 11 month old Perry told us he was very 'bitey' at bedtime, especially to their hands and they were running out of distraction items. They ordered 3 Large coffee wood chews. Their review, "Fingers and toes intact! First night in ages... Life saver".

Here are some of our pups enjoying their chews on their Holibobs:



BIG Nige and Alan:

Much Vegan Love

Mazzy & Paul

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